Friday, March 18, 2005

Reader reviews of Thayerbear's Erotic Fiction.

"These stories are great." - slipperybear, 7 Jan 04.

"Quite a story." - Ward8, 9 Jan 04.

"Looks veeeeerrrrrrry interesting!" - Barb, 19 Jan 04.

"YIKES! My image of Santa is crushed!
I found your story
very imaginative, to say the least. So is Santa gay, bi, bi-curious,
and was there really a Mrs. Santa Claus? I have soooo many questions.....
Maybe you can do a story on Mrs. Santa Claus and Laura Bush or
I must say it is also a disturbing read. Especially
when read while eating." - Barb, 19 Jan 04.

"I just got through reading it. I had my feet propped on my garbage
can here at work, getting into the story, and a co-worker comes in
and looks at me, bewildered. A very straight, married, religious
I thought while reading your story that this is
something so taboo, so wrong, but sooooo riveting! Very good, very
entertaining. " - Barb, 22 Jan 04.

"Ah, T bear, what can I say.....
You are one twisted individual.
That's why I like you. As you describe the surroundings in these
stories, these stories seem too real to be made up.
I applaud your
talent, and thank you for sharing. " - Barb, 27 Jan 04.

"Damn, these are long stories, but great! I'm gonna print this one
out for the train ride home. Thanks again, you are truly gifted." -
Barb, 28 Jan 04.

"You should publish your stories in a book, you know. Have 'em ready
to rent in the glory " - Barb, 4 Feb 04.

"You have a very active imagination, or you are very active, period!
Another great story, which I think is probably more non-fiction than
fiction. Thank you." - Barb, 12 Feb 04.

"hey good enough to get it up for a while and let me get it off" - Ward8,
12 Nov 04.

"Hey, thanks for the guestbook message and for sending me the link to your
own stories. They're really great. " - fratbear, 16 Nov 04.

"Hey there, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your
erotic bear stories. They were great. You've got a real
talent. I look forward to seeing what else you have in store." - Jack B.,
16 Nov 04.

"very cool....thanks...I'll bookmark it!" - Mike, 18 Nov. 04.

"Awesome story. I love how your stories have the "real" feel, that
tangibility about them. Makes it that much more erotic. " -
Jack, 22 Nov 04.

"I liked episode 3. It was pretty hot. Don't know if I could so
candidly talk about my own sex life with my dad like that, but from a purely
voyeristic view, very hot.

The Santa story, while had me going at
points (the whole rape/torture thing can be pretty hot in print and in person),
but the images of Santa, then the twist at the end... I found myself aroused,
but not sure that I should be, you know.

Keep up the great work." -
Jack, 29 Nov 04.

"I recently started a blog online and was then following links and found
your stories online. I have to say I thought they were great and will check them
all out when I get a chance. Thanks for writing such great stuff. " -
fordtruckbear, 14 Jan 05.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

CMC#11: Father & Son.

I tweaked Buddy's nipples and swirled my fingers through his chest and belly fur, biding my time until I was ready. His club of a prick was just inches from my face but I wanted to prolong his anticipation a bit, so I rubbed it up and down my goatee, then tickled his nuts with it.

His scent was stronger than ever now, and his cock and my mouth were both drooling at what was about to happen. He was eight and half, maybe close to nine inches, thicker than my own prick and cut. His shaft was a deepening pink and his big mushroom head was almost purple. I slid a hand under him and fingered his hole, still wet with lube and my best friend's jizz.

"Pop, if you don't hurry up I'm gonna cum before you even get a taste of me," Buddy complained. I teased his piss slit with the tip of my tongue, getting a good dose of his thick precum. My son, though a little young for my usual tastes, matched my fantasy body type almost exactly -- burly, hairy, confident, and masculine. He was me, only twenty-odd years younger. And the tumescent piece of meat hanging off him didn't hurt, either.

I teased the edge of his cockhead with my tongue, then wrapped my lips around the purple mushroom, savoring the taste and the moment. His cock was delicious. I slurped at the head like an ice cream cone, then licked his hair-covered low-hanging balls. He whimpered as I lovingly lapped the salty sweat from them.

He raised one hand to rest behind his head, exposing a furry armpit. His other hand found my head and guided me back up to his waiting cock. When I took him into my mouth, his hand remained on the back of my head, lovingly passing it's fingers through my hair.

I can't tell you how many times I'd fantasized about this moment, this act of sucking off my 20-year-old son. About as many times as I'd wanted to fuck him, I imagine. Or to have him fuck me. I opened the back of my throat and took his succulent meat all the way to the hilt, then began bobbing up and down on him.

I pushed him further up on the bed so that his head was at the far edge and I could lay atop his legs, still sucking him. His hand left my head for a moment and gave me a gentle, supportive squeeze on my shoulder.

"I love you, Pop," he said quietly. I nodded, looking into his soulful eyes.

I love you too, son.

Clay noticed we had moved and stood on the far end of the bed, his dick dangling just above Buddy's face. The skin had rolled back over his cockhead so that just the piss slit was peeking out, once again flowing with precum, which dripped down onto Buddy's face in spidery strings. I felt a weight sink into my end of the bed.

It was our big Irish friend. I felt Sully's meaty hands spread my butt cheeks apart and his hot, moist tongue found my pucker as he buried his red moustache into my crack. His big fingers kneaded the muscle of my ass cheeks as he lapped at my twitching, hairy hole.

Buddy opened wide and Clay lowered his dick into his mouth. I doubled my efforts at sucking Buddy's beautiful cock and soon I felt his ass clamp around my finger. I forced another finger in and sped up my bobbing. His hips pushed against me as the twinge of pre-ejaculation rigidity hit him. He's a strong one, my boy. He planted his feet on the bed and lifted his hips, and my upper body along with them.

"NNnnngh!" he moaned as my mouth filled with the sweetest load I'd ever tasted, "nngh! Nnnngh! Nnngh!" Gush after gush of the creamy liquid filled my mouth. I had a brief moment of guilt, but it washed away with the realization that nothing that felt this beautiful could be wrong. I swallowed my son's semen eagerly, then climbed atop him so that I lay with my head on his chest, wrapping him up in my furry arms, occasionally sucking on his nipples.

I had two reasons for doing this. One, I loved hugging my son. Loved being close to him. Loved the strong warmth of his body. And then there was reason two.

Sully finally realized what I was doing and commenced executing reason two. He climbed on my broad, hairy back and I supported most of our weight with my elbows. The thick hair of Sully's muscular chest brushing against my back caused an immediate stirring in my cock, which only intensified as the big lug slipped his cock into me.

It's a monster, I thought, spreading my ass as wide as I could. Sully playfully nibbled on my earlobe and started pumping. My hand found my son's bulge and gently stroked it, not too hard because he'd just cum down my throat and his prick would still be sensitive.

I love the feel of a big guy's weight on my back as he slams his cock into me. My cock slowly reached half-hard, then three-quarters, and was well on it's way to a full erection.

Clay's must have been getting there too, because Buddy almost gagged on it for a second. But as he repositioned himself, my best friend's cock slid down his throat with ease. Both of them were pistoning; Clay pistoning his cock, Buddy pistoning his head. It didn't take long before Clay's back arched and with a loud grunt he filled Buddy's mouth with sperm. He pulled his dick out of my son's mouth and planted a tongue-kiss on him, probing his mouth for a taste of his own sperm.

He ruffled his fingers through my hair with a grin and slapped Sully on the ass, then grabbed one of the room's chairs and positioned it where he could get a good view of the action. He sat, watching us, and slowly, almost absent-mindedly stroked his uncut seven-incher.

Buddy scooted further under me, so that our faces were even with each other, wrapped his arms around my thick chest, and kissed me deeply. Sully's fucking pace grew in speed and intensity as my precum oozed onto my son's crotch. I probed his mouth for my own taste of Clay's juices, then probed further to taste my son.

I felt Sully's pecs and abs tighten rapidly and broke the kiss with Buddy. I encouraged the big guy with a "Yeah, man, soak my insides with your load!" then turned my attention back to Buddy.

"I love you too, son. That's why I resisted this. As awesome as this is, I don't want it to affect our father/son relationship."

"Don't worry, Pop. Nothing will change how we feel about each other. Besides, this isn't going to be an everyday thing, just special occasions."

"You're a great son, you know that?"

"And you're the greatest dad there is. No, strike that. The greatest MAN there is." And his mouth once again found mine.

I could only utter primal grunts as the big cock pumped repeatedly into my ass. Sully kissed my shoulder and, as the climax neared, collapsed limp on my back, every muscle in his body relaxed except his hips which now slowed but pushed deeper into my bowels.

"Here it comes, Coach."

With a few barely perceptible jerks, his balls emptied themselves into me. He'd been on the verge so long that it felt like he came a quart. Some of it even leaked out around his cock. I felt a warm flush flow down his body pressed against my back and ass. He stayed in me a good five minutes, then slapped good-naturedly on the ass and pulled out.

He stood and stretched, then absently scratched his hairy belly. His naked form walked past us to head into the kitchen for a drink of water. His body's like a work of art, I thought to myself. If I ever win the lottery, I'm going to hire him to just hang around my house naked every day. I could look at him for hours and never get tired of it. His beefy body, though originated in the hills of Scotland, could easily be what those ancient Greek sculptors had in mind when they were carving their gods out of granite. He sauntered back into the room and as he grabbed the other chair, his muscular ass faced me. A thing of beauty. I gotta get a taste of that thing sometime, I commented to myself.

But at the moment, my prick had other plans.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

CMC #10.

Sully lay face down on across the beds, his big pink bubble of ass sticking up in the air, ready to accept my throbbing cock. My son lay in the same position next to him, waiting for Clay to plow him. I grabbed Buddy's lube and squirted a generous amount into my hand, then reached over next to me and stroked Clay's meat with it to slick him up.

I skinned back Clay's foreskin and pumped at his meat as he took to lube and applied some to my dick, giving it a few firm tugs.

"Careful there, dude," I cautioned him. Between Jeremy and Buddy's delicious cocks, I was pretty close to blowing my stack as it was, and I wanted to slam a couple loads up the hot red-haired butt of the sexy Irishman in front of me.

I wanted to fuck Buddy, too. But I wasn't ready to go that far with my own son, even though he was an adult and could make his own decisions.

I kissed Clay, then parked my prick just touching Sully's hairy hole. Clay did the same to Buddy, his prickhead resting in the black hair of my son's ass.


I didn't know if Clay was asking me or Buddy, but we both answered in the affirmative. Together we slid our cockheads into the young studs' assholes. For the moment, I was more engrossed at the sight of Clay's cock inching up my son's chute than I was in what my own dick was doing. I timed my thrusts in sync with Clay's and could almost believe it was me fucking Buddy instead of him.

Sully's grunts and groans of pleasure snapped me out of it as I inched my way into him. It wasn't really fair of me to fuck him with my mind on someone else, so I concentrated my attention on the big guy.

My hands were on either side of him and as my dick reached it's hilt, I lowered myself to rest on his broad, muscular back, the gray and black hair of my chest brushing against him. I kissed behind his ear and tousled his hair.

"You doin' okay, Sully?"

He turned his head to the side and before he could answer I kissed him, holding the kiss until I felt his muscles relax. I knew from my experiences with Clay that it was a hundred times more fun if you relaxed and allowed yourself to feel comfortable with the guy fucking you.

The corners of Sully's mouth turned up in a smile and I broke the kiss.

"Start fuckin', Coach. I can't wait for you to fill me up with your hot load."

I, of course, was happy to oblige.

If Sully's uncle looked anything like him, I could see why my dad had given in to him for his one big-time gay experience. The guy dripped confident, handsome masculinity from his pores. There's something about big, masculine, baby-faced redheaded men that will turn on any guy, straight or gay.

Maybe it's the freckles. Maybe it's the red swirls of chest and back hair. Maybe it's the total package. I don't know. But what I DO know is that if any guy would cause a straight guy to consider a little experimentation, it was Sully.

His skin still had the softness of youth but his body was all man, and his scent oozed musk as it mixed with my own in our hot sweat. I caressed his sides as I pistoned slowly in and out of him. I felt a warm, gentle hand brush across my ass in a soft caress and realized it was Clay's.

I took a quick glance over at my fellow coach's meat sliding in and out of my son and slid my hand over first Clay's ass, then Buddy's.

"You boys like havin' a couple of coaches' cocks in you?" I asked. Buddy answered first with a "Hell yeah, Pop." Sully just purred an "Mmm-hmm." I increased the speed of my thrusting and slid a hand under him to tug on his big red set of bull balls. He spread his thick legs further apart to give me easier access to them.

I kissed his shoulder and neck and plunged deep into him, sweat now dripping from my face onto his back. He was perspiring pretty heavily too by now, causing my chest hair and his back fur to mat together.

His hole was tight but not uncomfortably so as I slid my meat in and out. He'd been fucked before but not a lot. I licked up a rivulet of our sweat that was running down his shoulderblade, then asked him "Who's better at fucking you, man, me or Buddy?"

The look on his face was priceless. It was a no-win question. If he answered me, he might piss off Buddy. If he answered Buddy, he might piss off me, so he played it safe. In a deep growl he replied "Either one of you can fuck me any time you want to."

Buddy glanced at me and at the same time we said "Good answer!"

All four of us almost collapsed into a fit of the giggles.

My mind wandered again, only this time I wasn't fucking Buddy. I was fucking Big Sully, at least how I imagined Big Sully to be, and I wasn't me. I was my dad. My cock turned to granite at the thought and I began pumping furiously at his hole.

If dad would just try it, I thought to myself, he'd really enjoy himself. Maybe even enjoy himself with me once in a while.

I wonder if Buddy thinks about fucking me as much as I think about fucking my dad, I wondered. Somehow, my cock grew even harder.

My hips bounced off Sully's ass in the quickening rhythm of man sex. I pounded deep into his hole and with each thrust let out a grunt of desire.

"Take it, big guy!" I ordered. "Take my prick all the way!"

I felt a wetness on my hand tugging at his nuts and realized he had soaked the sheets with his precum. I grabbed his thick cock and coated my hand with the stuff, then pulled my hand out from under him and lifted it to my eager tongue.

"Damn that tasted good, Sully," I told him. "Your cum taste that good?"

It was Buddy who answered, "Some of the best I've ever tasted, Pop."

I slid my hands under either side of him and cradled his burly chest in my arms, hugging him close as my fucking grew intense and frantic. I whispered in his ear "Another couple of minutes and I'll be tasting it for myself, stud." Sully again turned his head to the side for another kiss, which I was eager to give him.

I felt that familiar jolt of electricity run down the back of my legs and grabbed him tight, holding him still as my balls emptied into his bowels. It took three jolts before the job was done, each one sending a tremble through my entire body.

I started to pull out of him, but he pleaded for me to stay in a little while, at least until Clay shot his load into my son. So I relaxed my grip on him but kept him in my warm hug, kissing the back of his neck a few times and whispering compliments to him on the way he took it like a man, but both of us now focused most of our attention on my best friend's uncut meat slamming into my son's manhole.

Sully reached over and grasped Buddy's hand. The gentleness of the act, the way he supportively rubbed his thumb over Buddy's knuckles, contrasted deeply with the savage act of buttfucking Buddy was thoroughly enjoying.

"Give it to me, Coach," Buddy implored. "Harder!"

Clay hitched up and got a better grip on Buddy's sides and obliged him, his hairy balls slapping against Buddy's fur-surrounded chute. There was a hint of a sharp edge to Clay's voice as he said "Take my cock, Buddy! Take it like your dad does!" I could tell by the look of sheer bliss on Buddy's face that he was in pure heaven.

For a moment, Clay's forehead wrinkled even more than it usually does when he's about to cum. And then, unexpectedly, he stopped and pulled out.

Confused, Buddy asked him what he was doing. Clay patted the bed and told him to flip over. Buddy's face brightened as he did so, lifting his legs to rest his calves on Clay's shoulders. Buddy's dick pointed upward toward his belly. I couldn't help but admire it.

Clay pushed his meat back into Buddy but didn't begin jackhammering him. He looked Buddy in the eyes and said "And now, my friend. . ." He shifted his gaze to lock his eyes onto mine. ". . . Your dad is going to jack you off while I fuck you."

I stammered a bit, trying to find the words to tell him I wasn't ready for that. I managed to get the "n" from the word "no" out when Buddy spoke up with a quiet "Dad . . . yeah . . ." His eyes implored me with a silent "Please, Pop."

I took a deep breath. So this was it. No loopholes. No wink and a nudge. No excuses. I searched every dark corner of my mind, trying to find a reason WHY I shouldn't. I loved him, didn't I? And weren't we both adults?

I couldn't find a reason, other than society says it's against the rules. But that was immediately rejected as I realized society said ANY gay sex was against the rules, and I was more than happy breaking THAT rule.

My shoulders heaved with another deep breath and I succumbed. "All right, son . . . if you're sure you really want to."

"I do, Pop. And so do you."

I reached over and tentatively cupped the thick tube of my son's meat in my right hand. It was still slick with his cum from the dryjob I'd given him earlier. Precum gushed from him like a river as Clay intently began his thrusting again.

At first, I only slowly slid my hand up and down his shaft. Then, as Clay again found his rhythm and plunged into him with more force, I timed my strokes with each of Clay's.

"Fuck, that's hot, guys," Clay spoke up, "Seein' a guy pumpin' his own son's meat. I'm gonna blow any time now!"

I could tell by the rhythmic humping under me that Sully was taking the sight in too, grinding his big cock against the mattress, his hole squeezing my half-hard (but hardening) cock as his erection hardened.

Sweat was running down Clay's chest and legs now, sticking his light fur to his skin and I could tell by his trembling breath that he was about to explode.

"Man, Buddy . . .fuck . . .incre-. . .-di- ...ble . . ." He gasped as I saw the lines of his muscle definition deepen sharply. I saw his knees tremble and thought they might buckle. In one massive movement, he thrust himself as far as he could into my son and let out a roar. His body twitched once, twice, three times and maybe four, and then his shoulders slumped and his body went limp, but he didn't collapse on top of Buddy the way I had done Sully.

With each splash of Clay's jizz spurting into him, Buddy had gotten harder. "Great fuck, man," Buddy told him.

"Not so . . .[breath] . . . bad . . . [breath] . . . y'self," Clay answered, withdrawing his cock from Buddy's fuckhole. He sat beside Buddy and watched my hand pulsing up and down on my boy's prick.

Sully wriggled a bit to get my attention. I brought my face up to his momentarily and he whispered "Go, man. Do it. It won't hurt my feelings at all."

"Are you sure?" I whispered back.

"Yeah, Coach. I want to watch you two together. And I can keep busy with Clay until you get ready to swallow my load."

So with a strong kiss, I climbed off this sweet mountain of an Irishman and knelt on the floor, pushing my son's legs apart.

Monday, February 28, 2005

Good news, men.

After another extended period of writer's block, I'm now two pages into the next episode of the Coach Michaels Chronicles. Shouldn't be much longer until it's ready to post.

Monday, February 07, 2005

CMC #9: Male Bonding

At the edge of the bed, I pulled Buddy into a full-body embrace, my naked body pressing into his clothed one. Again, my lips found his and my hands dropped to the cheeks of his butt, kneading them.

I sat on the edge of the bed, with him in front of me. Behind me I heard the gentle slurping and blissful groans of Clay and Sully's mutual oral lovemaking. I grabbed the tail of Buddy's t-shirt and untucked it from his jeans, then lifted it over his chest, arms, and head to reveal his impressive chest and stomach.

Everyone always said he was the spitting image of me at that age, and except for his eye color they were right. His bare chest revealed this even further. A little fat covered muscular pecs on his barrel chest, and like me he was blessed with ample black chest hair. I reached up and stroked his pecs, giving them a gentle squeeze, then twisted his nipples, but not too hard.

He bent down and kissed me again, running his fingers through my chest hair, caressing my gut. He kicked off his white tennis shoes, then pulled off his athletic socks, revealing even the knuckles of his toes had wisps of black hair on them.

He stood upright again and unbuckled his belt, then pulled it out of it's loops. He dropped it to the floor and unbuttoned the top button of his jeans.

"Turn around," I said, and he did, placing his glorious ass right in front of my face at eye level. I once again stroked his buttcheeks through the denim, squeezed them, and felt for the crack. When I found it, I pressed my fingers into it, probing for his hole through his pants.

He unbuttoned another button and I reached between his legs, feeling for his nuts through the crotch of his jeans. Once I found them, I gave his sack a gentle tug, then searched even farther for the bulge of his prick. I found the base of it first and groped it through his jeans, cupping the hard cylinder in one hand, then gently tugged and stroked at it.

Another button opened, and I slid my fingers down his hips into the waistband of his jeans, then brought them down to his ankles. The grey fabric of his boxer briefs were now at eye level. I reached up around his chest and pulled him into another tight hug, kissing his back. Nothing wrong with a dad kissing his son, is there?

I patted his butt gently, letting him know to step slightly away again, and admired the full glory of his bare shoulders and back, and the beautiful curve of his butt through his underwear. His back was moderately hairy and the top of his crack poked out of the waistband in a triangle of black hair.

I grabbed his left hip with one hand and reached around to once again grope his meat with the other. As long as he's got his boxer briefs on, it's not technically sex, I told myself. And if it's not sex, it's not incest.

Timidly at first, I licked at the bottom of his crack through his shorts. He exhaled a groan of pleasure and I grew more confident, licking deeper and more eagerly into the crack and working my way up. His cock was like iron, pushing against the fabric into my hand. I reached his chute and moved to the hair at the top of his crack, licking eagerly at the bare skin, probing down the waistband of his shorts with my tongue, then moved back to soaking the fabric covering his crack with my spit, working my way downward.

I pulled faster at my son's pud through the grey fabric, tightening my grip, applying more pressure at the same time to his crack with my tongue. Once again, I found his hole and drove my tongue as deep into it as I could. With my free hand, I held his cheeks apart and stuck my tongue in even deeper.

"Man, Pop," Buddy spoke up. "That sure feels great."

My other hand was by now working his meat at full jackoff speed through the material. I tried to judge the size of his meat by feel alone, but I couldn't get a good feel of it because of the fabric. I knew one thing -- it was at least as thick as mine.

He kicked off the jeans from around his ankles so he could spread his feet even further apart. This allowed me even more access into his hole, even with the boxer briefs still on. His breathing began getting faster and I knew he was getting close. I plunged my face even deeper into his ass.

Buddy abruptly pulled away from me and I thought for a moment he was going to call the whole thing off. Then he swiveled around and stuck his crotch in my face, a grin a mile wide spreading across his face.

"I think this way'll be fun too," he teased.

He spread his legs again and I again probed at his hole through his underwear. The whole back of them was practically soaked with my spit by now. This time, I was probing with my finger, and it was the front of his shorts that began to get a good soaking, although they already were pretty wet from the big slick of precum forming in the front of them.

The prospect of tasting his precum spurred me into licking with a ferocious abandon and it wasn't long until I got a good taste of it's salty flavor. My own cock was aching in my lap and gushing precum like a firehose but it'd have to wait. I wanted to bring my 20-year-old stud of a son off.

He brushed my hair out of my eyes, then stroked my hair gently. I felt his ass clinch around my finger and knew he was on the verge. I fingered his hole hard and clamped my mouth around the end of the tent in his shorts, bobbing my head and sucking hard.

I felt his body tremor as he gasped and thrust his hips into my mouth. Two more spasms rocked him but I didn't taste anything but precum and fabric. His legs almost wet limp and finally his sweet cream began filtering through the fabric. He's got great-tasting spunk, I thought to myself, just like his old man. I sucked every drop I could through the fabric of his shorts, then removed my mouth from his covered member.

I quit fingerfucking him, pulled my hands from between his legs, and pulled him down into a bearhug, lying back onto the bed with him on top of me, my hard naked cock pressing upward into his covered, wet, spent one. We kissed and caressed a good five minutes, exchanging "I love you, son"s with "I love you too, Pop"s.

I came to a realization that I had once again forgotten the other two men in the room and looked around. They had stopped sucking each other and Sully was sitting with his back against one of the headboards. Clay was sitting in his lap. It looked like they'd been that way for awhile, watching us. Both of them had shit-eating grins on their faces.

I grinned back at them and said, "All right, you two. Show's over. Now which one of you's gonna slide their dick up Buddy's ass, and which one's gonna get his ass pounded by me?"

"I'll take you, Coach," Sully spoke up. "Me and Buddy can get it on anytime, and I imagine it's pretty much that way with you and Coach Clay here."

"That all right with you, son?" I purred as I ran my hands through Buddy's hair.

Buddy smiled. He'd said something about wanting to get into Clay's pants for years now.

"Well, first things first," Clay said. "Let's get you out of that wet underwear."

Buddy stood and pulled down his shorts. Ropes of cum clung to the inside of them, connecting his shorts to his crotch in long, thin strands. He threw them aside and stood in front of me, still half-hard.

Damn, I thought, once I saw his entire naked body, dick and all, for the first time, I wish that just this once, just for the next twenty minutes or so, you weren't my son.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Continuity error.

I realized something yesterday. At some point, Clay & Coach Michaels switched their circumcision status.

I would go back and fix them, but that would mean basically rewriting the stories from scratch, and I like the stories as they are.

So I'll pull a page from the Marvel Comics I used to read as a kid (well, okay, until I was about 25). They used to do this when they messed something up and couldn't otherwise explain it.

Some of the Coach Michaels stories occur in an alternate universe, nearly identical to the regular Coach Michaels universe, except that Clay and Michaels have the opposite of their regular circumcision status.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

CMC Episode 8 : Dorm Room Fun.

Sully grinned and put his arm around my waist. "Wow," he exclaimed. "You look even better in person.

"This is Coach Clay," I told him. "He's gonna be playing with us too."

"Yeah, Buddy said you might come," Sully directed his attention to Coach Clay. "He said you were hot, and it's good to see he's got such fine taste in men."

Clay grabbed the bulge in Sully's jeans and planted a kiss on him. "Glad to meet ya, Sully," he said. "Can't wait to get to know you better." Sully's hands found the hard curve of Clay's sweet butt.

The elevator doors opened with a ding as we reached Buddy's floor. We made the left turn and walked down the hallway to his door. I knocked and, with the tumbling click of the lock, it opened. It was Jeremy, his roommate.

"Hi, Mr. Michaels."

"Call me Coach."

"Buddy's not back from class yet, but it shouldn't be more than a few minutes. If you guys want to get started, we can push the beds together."

I hadn't expected that. I knew Buddy'd been fucking him, but I didn't think he was comfortable enough with his sexuality yet to join in.

"You're going to be joining us?" I asked.

He smiled, a little embarrassed. "I wish I could. I don't know what Buddy's told you, but I've done a little playing around with him. But I'm not ready to fuck anybody else. Besides him, I mean. And I don't really have time, at least not enough time to really sit back and enjoy it. I've got to leave for work in a half hour. I might jack off, though, from watching you guys."

Bullshit, I thought. He wants to. He just needs a little nudge.

"Okay, let's get to it, guys. Let's get the beds pushed together. And when we do, Clay, you and Sully get started. I'm gonna wait for Buddy to get here." I gave Clay a little "Just go with it; I'm up to something" look and he shrugged almost imperceptibly, letting me know he'd gotten the message.

We moved the beds to the center of the room, and Jeremy brought in a chair from the kitchen. He placed it against the wardrobe cabinet, facing the foot of the beds.

"You want me to get you a chair, Coach?"

"Nah, I'm alright just leaning against your wardrobe here." Jeremy didn't seem to notice that I was standing right next to his chair.

Sully pulled Clay into an embrace and kissed him. Clay got right to work unbuttoning Sully's jeans. I sneaked a peek down to Jeremy's crotch and saw he was getting hard. His dick was already pressing at the denim of his pants.

Buddy was right. Sully was a big sumbitch. I'd put him at 375 solid pounds. His red, curly hairstyle, sideburns, and 'stache looked like something out of a John Holmes flick. Except that all those seventies porn stars were skinny fuckers. Sully had some meat on his bones and a round Irish face. He pulled Clay's shirt over his head.

At the sight of Clay's bare chest, Jeremy whispered an "Oh, man!" to himself and began rubbing his cock through his jeans.

Sully caressed Clay's back, then licked, and then sucked, Clay's right nipple as he pinched the left one. They sat on the edge of the bed. Clay helped Sully out of his shirt.

I can see why they came up with the nickname 'bears' for hairy guys, I thought. Whirls of rich red fur covered Sully's freckled chest. I licked my lips in anticipation, wanting to run my tongue all over the guy's massive chest. I heard a zipper and looked down to see Jeremy pulling his cock out.

"Looks like you've got the right idea," I mentioned to him, undoing my own pants and pulling out my own eight or nine inches, maybe a foot and a half away from Jeremy's face. I stroked my uncut meat slowly to get it good and hard.

Sully and Clay kicked off their shoes and removed their jeans. Clay wasn't wearing any underwear, and Sully's prick was stretching the cotton of his white briefs. Clay pulled them down past Sully's hips, past his knees, and finally removed them completely. Clay buried his nose in them, inhaled deeply, then tossed them to me.

"You first," I said to Jeremy, covering his nose with Sully's underwear. He breathed in the scent of them, then grabbed my hand and held them to his nose for an even longer, even deeper sniff. I could see his dick get instantly harder. I moved maybe two inches closer to him and turned my body slightly, pointing my dick a little more toward his face. He didn't notice.

He let go of my hand and I lifted Sully's underwear to my face, inhaling deeply. Damn the guy's scent is good, I thought. I felt my own dick get harder at the smell. I slid my foreskin back and forth over my dick's head and shaft.

Clay lay on his back and Sully kissed his mouth, then his chin, then licked down the stubble on his neck to his chest. One hand played in the blonde hair below Clay's navel as Sully's tongue waded through the baseball coach's chest hair, down to his navel. Clay put one hand behind his own head and the other in the curly red mop. He looked so peaceful and relaxed. I moved my cock another two inches closer to Jeremy. He looked at me briefly, then turned back to watching the action of the two studs in front of us, stroking his dick faster.

Sully buried his nose in Clay's blonde pubic hair. He reached under Clay and kneaded his ass cheeks.

"Yeah, that feels real good, Sully. You're makin' me hard as a rock."

For the moment, Sully skipped Clay's cock and slurped on his nuts.

Jeremy let out a little moan and to encourage him, I whispered "Jesus, that's hot" so that it sounded like I was talking to myself. But make no mistake -- I definitely wanted the stocky young man next to me to hear. I turned a little more and moved maybe an inch closer.

Sully sucked and lapped at Clay's balls. From the looks of it, I guessed he was teasing Clay's hole with his finger, too. Clay let out a groan, and Sully began working his way up the underside of his cock.

I quit stroking and let my dick protrude just inches from Jeremy's face. It bounced with each pulse of my heartbeat, and precum was dripping from it. I slid back my foreskin and let Jeremy make the next move.

He finally caught on to what I was doing, but was so turned on by now that it didn't take him long to decide to have a little taste. He turned his head toward me and looked straight at my meat in front of him. He licked his lips as I stepped toward him. Now my dick was maybe four inches in front of his face. He leaned toward me and took my cockhead into the moist warmth of his mouth, sucking at the precum.

I didn't want to give him time to have second thoughts, so I put my hands onto his head and pushed him down on my cock, stepping all the way toward him so that my thighs were pressed against his chest and shoulder.

He opened wide and took me almost all the way to the base. "Suck me off, Jeremy," I encouraged him softly, "Just like you suck off my son." He was stroking his cock furiously now.
I ran my hand down and rested it in the small of his back, gently, supportively, playing in the hair there.

He paused a moment and repositioned the chair so that he was facing me. His left hand found my right hip and he pulled me even harder and faster into his mouth, wanting me to facefuck him.
I unbuttoned my jeans and let them fall to the floor.

I took a quick peek over at Clay and Sully. Completely nude now, they were doing 69. I turned my attention back to Jeremy. He was sucking me for all he was worth, and was bringing me close to climax.

Better pace yourself, old man, I thought to myself, if you want to last all night.

I stepped back, removing my aching prick from Jeremy's hot mouth. He looked dejected, but his eyes brightened when I removed every ounce of my clothes. I knelt on the carpet in front of his chair and took him into my mouth, sucking him in slow, long strokes. His cock was delicious. I could see why Buddy liked sucking him so much. I paused a moment.

"Is that Nautica?"

"Yeah. I like it 'cause it smells like freshly-showered dick."

"You really have to go to work?"

"'Fraid so."

"Then I'd better get busy."

I buried my face in his crotch again and drew in the smell of him. Nautica didn't smell EXACTLY like clean dick, but it was pretty close. But not close enough that I couldn't discern Jeremy's own scent underneath it.

In a hurry to get him off, I didn't waste any more time with teasing his prick. That seemed to be the case a lot lately -- there was always a rush. I'd really like to take my time and enjoy an all-day fuck sometime, I thought. Maybe when Clay and I get back home.

I sucked him hard and fast and soon his prick was rock-hard in my mouth. I fondled and caressed his balls with my left hand and probed his hole with the index finger of my right.

"Man, Coach! You sure know how to drive a guy crazy!"

I let out a grunt of pleasure and sucked even harder. Jeremy ran his hands down my back, brushing his fingers across the hair there. Then he kept that up with one hand while he tugged at the hair on my head.

"Yeah, man . . . that's it . . .that feels real good."

I reached up and pinched his nipples through his shirt with my left hand. I loved the feel of the denim of his jeans rubbing against the bare skin of my hairy chest. His salty precum lingered on my tongue as I bobbed faster and faster.

"I'm gonna shoot my wad all over your chest, Coach."

Only if you cum in multiple spurts, I thought, 'cause I'm keepin' the first.

I heard slow moans coming from the bed. Unlike me, Clay and Sully were taking their time. Without realizing it, I'd gotten that sexual tunnel vision guys get, so absorbed in what I was doing that I'd almost forgotten they were there.

"Gettin' close Coach . . ."

I pinched his right nipple hard and plunged my finger into his ass.

"Get ready! . . ."

He wriggled in his seat like a fidgety schoolchild, then the muscles in his legs hardened and I knew he was on the verge.

"Here it comes, Coach!"

My mouth filled with salty sweetness as his body tightened even further. His ass clamped itself around my finger. I pulled my mouth away from his cock so he could get his wish of ejaculating on my hairy chest.

"Here . . ."

A shot of white cream splashed against my right pec. I felt it begin to dribble downward.

"It . . ."

This one hit me square in the middle of my chest. I was grinning from ear to ear, but his face was still contorted into an intense grimace.


Pow. Right in the kisser. This shot was as big as the other three combined. I grinned even bigger and licked my lips to taste some more of his jizz, but I didn't get it all. A big glob of it was running down the right side of my chin. Half of it dripped down onto my chest.

Jeremy collapsed onto the chair, spent. A tired smile crept across his lips.

"How was that, Coach?"

"I can't think of a better way to start the evening off."

"C'mere, you."

He pulled me up and kissed me, probing my mouth with his tongue for a taste of his own jizz. Then he licked his residue out of my goatee, and down to my chest where he lapped at his liquid like a kitten until I was all cleaned off.

I kissed him again, pushing my tongue into his mouth. I knew he had to go, so I licked his prick clean.

"You give great head, Coach."

"You GET great head, Jeremy."

A voice behind me spoke up. "I see you guys have been busy getting acquainted."

It was Buddy. When had he come in? I wondered how long he'd been standing there.

I stood, nude, and greeted my son. "Hey, Buddy. I can see why you like sucking Jeremy's dick so much. Is he that good at fucking?"


"Listen, guys, I've got to get to the library," Jeremy said. "I hate to blow and run, but I have to. Maybe I'll see you before you leave tomorrow."

"Nice sucking you, Jer," I told him, slapping him on the back as he pulled his dick in and zipped up.

"Hope I can return the favor sometime," Jeremy replied. He went into the bathroom, where I heard him turn on the water, then gargle. He poked his head back in the bedroom and told us not to bother with the sheets when we were done. He'd kinda LIKE to sleep a night in other men's messes. Then he was gone.

Buddy apologized for being late, "I ran into my coach after class and he wanted to go over some things with me for next year, and saying no to Coach just isn't something one does."

"No problem son. You ready to join the festivities?"

Buddy blushed "Well . . . I . . . uh . . ."

"Look son, I know this is a little weird for you. Hell, it's a little weird for me too, but it's not going to be any fun for either of us if we get all self-conscious. So don't overthink it. Try to just go with it. And you can start by giving your old man a hug."

Before he could pull away, I wrapped my big, hairy arms around him and pulled him into my big, naked embrace. I held him there until his body relaxed. I kissed him. And yeah, I'll admit it wasn't exactly a father-son kiss. I felt his cock harden in his jeans pressed against my already erect member.

"I love you, son."

"I love you too, Pop."

He hugged back, and I led him over to the bed. . .

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